Getting the Best Deal: How a Real Estate Website Can Get You Closer to Your Dream Property

There was a time very long ago when scouting for a piece of real estate was a task that was undertaken with great trepidation and with a general fear of being at the losing end of a deal gone bad. Approaching a real estate company or agent was something people didn’t do with great ease. Even when folks had great plans and a fat wallet or bank account, the industry was seldom looked upon as a “safe” market. It was always assumed that the insiders were a bunch of crooks who were out to hoodwink the unsuspecting investor. Thus it became a trend to look at anyone who was a part of the industry with suspicious eyes. Never could someone claim to be in the real estate industry and find people relating that to their integrity or honesty. The local tea vendor would have been given more credit as an honest man than the local real estate agent. This sorry state of affairs would have continued had it not been for the dawn of the internet era. Now everything has changed.With the arrival of the internet people had access to information like never before. Sellers could approach buyers directly and the middle man was left out. This meant that the need for the traditional real estate broker was diminished. To the point where it seemed that there would never really be need for them. Then the internet proved to be a game changer yet again. The enterprising agents began to create an online presence. They began to advertise their specific skill sets and the reason why they were still relevant in a digital era. Most importantly, they stressed on the fact that they were now working in the same way as the rest of the world. No longer would the term real estate agent mean something less than honorable.As such, a real estate website today can be very useful and highly beneficial to the customer. In fact it has everything you could possibly need to find that dream property-Finding it: with Google Maps integrated into the real estate website, finding a specific piece of property becomes a cinch! Not only can you find the plot, you can find out everything you could want to know about the local area, besides finding the travel routes from there to almost anywhere!-A closer look: with multiple photos and videos it becomes so much easier to view the property without leaving the comfort of your home.-Agent profiles: No longer do you need to call up a complete stranger to find out about your dream property, you can read about the agents on their profile page and choose which one works for you best-Feedback: finally you can get feedback about the company you decide to employ for your real estate needs. Testimonials from previous customers can help you feel more confident about their integrity and trustworthinessAll these can fall a little flat if you are using a mobile device to access the website and it displays like a tiny map on your screen. Most of the better agencies have responsive design websites that can adapt to the device and browser they are displayed on. so if the website loads like it was meant for your device, you know you are in good handsIn conclusion it can only be reiterated that the reason that real estate websites can get you closer to your dream properties is, that they are a representation of the new breed of real estate businessmen. People who believe very strongly, in the ethical and legal way of conducting business. Honest men and women who have a passion for locating unique and special properties and uniting them with customers who know that this is not just about bricks and mortar. Real estate to them is more than just a business, it is who they are. It is an extension of their personalities, their willingness to serve, and their passion to make every customer satisfied, if nothing else.The real estate website is a portal that can truly help customers locate the dream properties with ease and it can only do so when it is followed by the service and intelligence of the company it represents. Without them the website would be just another website. With them, however, it becomes a brilliant tool to magically bring all the talent of the agency into the homes and offices of the customer via the internet. So in a way, the website is the digital version of an actual agency, made available to the customer on a constant basis at their very fingertips.

Running Your Real Estate Investing Business – Posting Ads to Find Dream Team Members

In a previous article I discussed the various ways of finding your key dream team members for your real estate investing business.I talked about some traditional methods, like calling dream team members who are advertising and screening them to find great ones to join your team. I also talked about the two short cuts for finding a great source of dream team members by tapping into the networks of other real estate investors and real estate agents and brokers.What do you do if the real estate investors, real estate agents, or brokers that you are networking with don’t have a particularly good dream team member that you need (which has happened to me) or you are seeking additional real estate investors, agents and brokers to network with?Well, a great way for dealing with these two challenges is by placing ads on CraigsList. What kinds of ads? I’m glad you asked.First, let’s say you are missing a key dream team member like a mailing list broker. You’ve asked your real estate investor associates and your favorite real estate agent/broker and they just don’t have a good recommendation for you. Here’s what I do: I go into CraigsList and I post an ad offering a job with exactly what I am looking for. If I am looking for a mailing list broker to get me a great list of absentee owners in a particular part of town with a certain amount of equity, I lay out, in detail, what I am looking for and post it in the jobs offered section of CraigsList that most closely relates to that type of job. I keep the ad relatively high on the page by reposting it a couple of times per week and wait for responses to come in from the dream team members I am searching for. Often, it is a friend of a dream team member that sees the ad and tells them to call me.Here’s another example: what if you are trying to find more real estate investors to add to your dream team (and buyers list). Well, I’ve written very detailed articles about how to find investors for building a buyers list that you should read because you need to use those same strategies, but here’s another twist I would use if I was only looking to network with investors. I would post an ad to start a real estate investor networking group and then go to lunch with each person that calls in order to start a formal group of us. I’ve done this in my local market. It is an amazing way to get to know other investors.Another way to do it is to post an ad for an “Activity Partner”. Maybe you’re looking for someone with similar real estate investing interests to discuss local investing strategies, exchange ideas and become better real estate investors.A third example of posting ads to find dream team members is seeking out real estate agents that specialize in catering to investors. If you’re not lucky enough to be in a market that I’ve found a great investor friendly agent/broker for you to work with, then here’s a great way to start the search. Post an ad in the “real estate jobs” section telling them that you are a real estate investor who works with other local investors and you are seeking an agent or broker to help find deals for your investor group. Describe the types of deals you are looking for and the type of agent you want to work with. Some investors prefer the agent to run some preliminary numbers. Some don’t. Some investors prefer their agents to find signs of motivation. Some don’t. Some investors prefer agents who invest in real estate themselves. Some think that they’d rather not have someone skimming great deals off the top (which rarely happens). Then, keep this ad running until you find a great agent/broker for your team.With these three methods you should, within a matter of months – and often faster – be able to find some great team members to make your real estate investing business much easier to run and ultimately more profitable.